Game Details

RELEASE DATE: Now Available!
PLAYER: 1, Online Multiplayer
PLATFORMS: Windows, Mac
PRICE: $9.99

Game Features

  • Tropical Heat

    Tropical Heat is a 5 day long Jet Ski racing competition. Customize your Jet Ski and character and ride on top of beautiful ocean waves around racing courses that wind through remote lush tropical islands. Use power that you earn from big jumps, passing through power rings, picking up power coins and performing tricks to boost your speed. Earn high scores and achievements and win all 15 races to unlock Extreme. Play in Multiplayer mode to race with your family and friends.

  • Customizing

    In Tropical Heat you can customize your character and Jet Ski. Play as a young man or woman. Choose your character’s swimsuit, sunglasses, hair color and, for the young woman, hair style as well. Choose a color/decal style for your Jet Ski. You customize your character and Jet Ski as many times as you want.

  • Racing

    There are 5 days of races in Tropical Heat Each day there is a morning, an afternoon and either a sunset or a night racing heat. Each race has 3 laps. Win each race to unlock the next. Win all of the races to unlock Extreme mode. Race either against computer opponents or against other players in Multiplayer.

  • Multiplayer

    You can race against the computer in Tropical Heat or against other people in Multiplayer. You can join a game or start your own, competing with up to 8 other players. Race with your family and friends or people from anywhere around the globe. If you’ve unlocked Extreme, you can race with other players who have unlocked it as well. Show everyone you are the best in the world, or just hang out together enjoying tropical paradise.

  • Scores

    Tropical Heat is not just a race to the finish line. You’re also competing to get the most points, the most tricks, and the biggest jumps. At the end of each race, you can see how well you scored.

  • Power

    In Tropical Heat, using power boosts the speed of your Jet Ski. Boosting your speed not only helps you race faster, but allows you to do bigger jumps. Your power slowly fills up when you are not using it, but there are faster ways to fill up. Pick up power coins, pass through power rings, make big jumps which allow you to perform tricks.

  • Tricks

    Big jumps into the air allow you to do tricks. In Tropical Heat, there are two types of tricks. Tricks performed with a Jet Ski, like a flip, and tricks performed on a Jet Ski, like a hand stand. Get big enough air and you can do more than one trick or even trick combos, like flipping the Jet Ski while doing a handstand.

  • Diving

    Ramps are not the only way to get big jumps in Tropical Heat. Using power to boost your speed, you can dive under the water which causes you to jump back out of the water. The deeper you dive the higher your jump out of the water. Dive deep enough under big waves and you can even jump over the corner of an island.

  • Achievements

    In addition to winning races and getting the best scores, there are dozens of achievements to earn while playing Tropical Heat. Such as achievements for doing a high jump, a combo trick, or even earning a million points. Pressing ‘p’ while racing pauses the game and opens the achievements panel so you can see how many of the achievements you have earned.

  • Extreme

    You can play Tropical Heat in 3 difficulty settings. Easy, Normal and Extreme. If you are new to games or just want to a relaxing experience, then set the difficulty to Easy. Otherwise, play on Normal and win all of the races to unlock Extreme. Playing on Extreme makes everything more difficult. The waves are bigger and faster, the coins are harder to pick up, the ramps are narrower, and rings spin while moving up and down. It’s Tropical Heat for players who want an extreme challenge.


Tropical Heat Jet Ski Racing for iPhone and iPad